The term, common divisor, conjures up my intense childhood fears of math. My young mind struggled to make sense of the concepts of quantity with detailed precision and I was not the only one. There were a few kids who “got it,” but the rest of us just sat in fear and confusion. This kind of collective bafflement which I experienced then is happening again on a much scarier scale and the common factor is the common  divisor of the world. It is the highest common American person although he is not “common” as in ordinary or even “American” in his attitudes, but his words/actions have common dividing affects on our planet, animals and people. These described observations and feelings are what drive this body of work. Words such as chaos, separation/torn apart, brutality, messy, hate filled superiority, intolerance aka zero tolerance, blatant discrimination, misogyny, shameless greed and antiquated black/white thinking are captive thoughts in my mind when I attempt to make sense of this parallax dilemma. Again, I can see that I am not alone in the tragedy of this experience.